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Rest facilities for enjoying long-distance drives in Hokkaido


These are rest areas for long drives in vast Hokkaido.
Michi-no-Ekis (Roadside Rest Areas) offer various services to support pleasant driving.


① Rest area

There is free parking and toilets available 24 hours a day.
They are also used as disaster-prevention facilities.

② Information

You can get information on roads and tourism in various ways: from live footage, guides, and Wi-Fi.
The hours depend on the location.

③ Local products and food

Enjoy specialties at dining areas.
The hours depend on the location.

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Churui Tokachi Area
Enbetsu Fujimi Northern Hokkaido Area
Boyonakayama Central Hokkaido Area
Esashi Southern Hokkaido Area
Bifuka Northern Hokkaido Area
Shiranukakoitoi Kushiro-Nemuro Area
Minamifurano Northern Hokkaido Area
Star Plaza Ashibetsu Central Hokkaido Area
Mikasa Central Hokkaido Area