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Yotteke! Shimamaki Central Hokkaido Area

Located along National Highway 229, the roadside rest area “Yotteke! Shimamaki” is a popular place to enjoy local seafood and specialties as a tourism center of the Town of Shimamaki surrounded by sea and mountains.
Especially the barbeque area in which visitor can eat fresh seasonal seafood has a good reputation.
Also it starts a service in which visitors can bring home fish and shellfish in the water tank, and many tourists have visited here.

  • Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Washlet
  • Handicapped Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Parking※Available in 24-hour free
  • Electric car charger
  • Wi-Fi
  • Diaper changing table
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee & Snack
  • Farm Shop
  • Credit card
  • Cashless payment
  • Museum & Art gallery
  • 797 362 060



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