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HOME > English > Central Hokkaido Area > Forest 276 Otaki

Forest 276 Otaki Central Hokkaido Area

The “Forest 276 Otaki” surrounded by trees has “Shinrin-Seseragi-Kan” selling local products on the left side and “Forest 276” in which luxurious restrooms with automatic playing piano is well known, on the right side.
As oasis for drivers and way-stop to the travel destination, one of the world’s largest log house located along National Highway 276 is a landmark for this rest area.
The rest house “Firest 276” sells Hokkaido’s typical goods as well as original goods, so it is tourist hot spot.

  • Parking※Available in 24-hour free
  • Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Handicapped Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Washlet
  • Information
  • Telephone※Available in 24-hour
  • Coffee & Snack
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Rest station
  • Crib
  • Wi-Fi
  • 759 106 452



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