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Shiretoko・Rausu Kushiro-Nemuro Area

Located along National Highway 335 and well-known fishing village, Shiretoko-Rausu, the “Shiretoko/Rausu” is at the Rausu side entrance to the Shiretoko Crossing Road.
In front of the building, it lies the Nemuro Channel and Northern Territories, Kunashir Island, and behind the building, it is the towering mountain Rausu-Dake (elevation of 1,661 meters), which is one of Japan’s 100 top mountains.
The World Natural Heritage Shiretoko preserves unspoiled nature, which is said to last to remain in Japan: while brown bears inhabit in the mountain and killer whales inhabit in the ocean, this is the area where animal at the top of ocean and land ecosystem lives.
Also the area has rich seafood resources, Ezo sea urchin and pollock in winter, salmon in spring, Rausu kelp and shrimps in summer, and salmon and squid in autumn, and then as one of the world’s leading fishing spots that a wide variety of fish and shellfish throughout the year can be taken, fishermen flock to the seaside in all seasons.
Around the fishing port, there are dining spots and accommodation with taking e advantage of them, and they flatter visitor’s eye and stomach of all year.
Here you can get all the latest information on activities including sightseeing ship and trekking guide, attraction points and seasonal dining spots, and all are indispensable to the journey.

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