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Date Rekishi no Mori Central Hokkaido Area

The roadside rest area “Date Rekishi-no-Mori” and the tourism and product promotion center was opened on April 1, 2012.
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The City of Date is the only region that produces indigo in Hokkaido.
Craftsmen who make Katana called Tosho (sword master) live in Date: there is few in number even across Hokkaido.
And they continue to keep the work of the Japanese tradition.
Taking advantage of these characteristics, indigo workshop which offers opportunities to experience indigo dyeing, the Reimei-Kan with swordsmith workshop, and Tomiko Miyao, Naoki Prize winning author, literature Memorial are located next to the rest area.
The rest area is located in Date Historical Park surrounded by castle stone, and it is the facility to offer information about appealing unique history and cultures in Date.

  • Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Washlet
  • Handicapped Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Ostomate
  • Parking※Available in 24-hour free
  • Wi-Fi
  • Information
  • Facilities for the Handicapped
  • Diaper changing table
  • Shop
  • Coffee & Snack
  • Farm Shop
  • Credit card
  • Cashless payment
  • Park
  • Museum & Art gallery
  • 159 780 165



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