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Nonky Land Higashimokoto  Okhotsk Area

Located where National Highway 334 and Prefectural Highway 102 intersect, this downtown michi-no-eki roadside rest area is a hub for exchanges of people, goods and information.
It’s on the way to Shiretoko, a Unesco World Heritage, and the route attracts many tourists.
The Michi-no-Eki consists of a complex of a hotel, restaurants, shops and conference rooms.

  • Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Washlet
  • Handicapped Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Ostomate
  • Parking※Available in 24-hour free
  • Wi-Fi
  • Information
  • Facilities for the Handicapped
  • Diaper changing table
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Credit card
  • Hotel
  • 305 050 115



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